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1.        前提. Premise.

(1)自分について。About myrself.

@    体について。About body.

A    心について。About mind.

1)心には3つの働きがある。Mind has three kinds of workings.
感覚、感情、言葉だ。Sensation, emotion and word.
Flower, fire and fragrance are three sacred treasures of mind.
Flower is a sign of sensation, fire is a sign of emotion, fragrance is a sign of word.

2)三匹の子豚の物語は、三種の心の例え話だ。The story of three little pigs is a metaphor of three kinds of mind.
わらの家は感覚の心、板の家は感情の心、石の家は言葉の心の意味だ。Straw house means sensitive mind, wooden house means emotional mind. and stone house means mind of words.

3)三面鏡は心を写す道具だ。Three-way mirror is an instrument to reflect mind.それぞれの面は、感覚の心と感情の心と、言葉の心を映している。Each face reflects sensitive mind and emotional mind and mind of words.
Difference between real three-way mirror is that three faces overlap each other not one by one.
Light reflects sensations as current realities on sensitive mirror.
Sensation concerned with loss and gain goes through sensitive mirror and arrives emotional mirror and reflects emotional current realities.
Even some reach to mirror of mind of words and are converted into words and create past of memories and future of aspirations.

B    自分は言葉の心の働きだ。Myself is a workings of mind of words.

1)自分は、この体に備わる脳の働きだ。Myself is workings of brain being in-built this body.
signals received and sent by mind of words.
Before this body was born, what myself was.
After this body is gone, what myself will be.
Myself is 1 drop of sea of verbal DNA, as if my body is 1 drop of sea of bodily DNA.
体や心を、孤立したものとして見るか、DNAの海の一部と見なすかだ。Question is which do we think body and mind isolated each other, or a part of same sea of DNA.
サクラを、今年だけの花として見るか、木として見るかだ。Does cherry blossom bloom only these days or bloom as long as tree lives.

2)体は体のDNAの海から生まれる。Body is born from sea of bodily DNA.
Myself, workings of mind of words, is born from sea of verbal DNA.
言葉のDNAとは、個別の殻を脱皮して、誰もが取り込める形になった言葉のことだ。Verbal DNA means words which took individual shell off, and became useful for everybody.
Myself, workings of mind of words, is made with words stored.
Myself did not arise from sea of bodily DNA, but arose from sea of verbal DNA.

3)「自分は自分だ」と思っている自分は、あらゆる体に生じていて、体毎に固有なものではない。Think "myself is my own," was coming from every body, is not something unique to every individual.
その思いは感覚や感情の心から湧くのであって、言葉の心つまり本当の自分が作るものではない。Such a feeling springs from sensitive and emotional mind, but is not created by mind of words that is true myself.

4)言葉の心は、言葉で糸を紡いで、繭つまり自分や世界や時間を織っている。Mind of words spins yarn from words, and weaves cocoon that is myself, world and time.繭の内壁が、自分や世界や時間に見える。Interior wall of cocoon looks like myself, world and time.
自身の心の中に、自分や世界や時間がある。In own mind, there are myself, world and time.
of universe of mind, inner packages outer.

5)ヒトは言葉を操る能力を持つ。Humans have ability to manipulate words.
Call this ability mind of words.
Words produce their own myself.
For animals, myself is reflected by sensitive and emotional mind.
But for humans, myself is created by mind of words.
Never the less, myself misunderstands that myself is sensitive and emotional mind like animal, and real myself, workings of mind of words, is troubled by mental conflict.
In such a situation, convert excitement of sensations or emotions, plague myself, into words.
感覚や感情の心が言葉の心に切り替わるSpecific sensations or emotions become abstract, and sensitive and emotional mind are converted into mind of words.
Can switch position of myself from current reality, sensations like unpleasant or pleasant, emotions like glade, anger, sorrow or pleasure, reflected by sensitive and emotional mind, to past of memories and future of aspirations, created by mind of words.

C    自分は、言葉のDNAの海から流れ込んできた言葉の潮溜まりだ。Myself is a tide pool of words which flow from sea of verbal DNA.

1)自分は一人に一つずつ在る。Each people have each myself.
自分は言葉の潮溜まりだ。Each myself
is a tide pool of words.
その言葉の一つ一つに世界がある。Each word has each world.
Words dispatched from a tide pool, take yself off, become verbal DNA.
言葉のDNAが、言葉のDNAの海を形成し、言葉の潮溜まりと行き来し、それぞれの潮溜まりに自分を生み出している。Verbal DNA forms the sea, goes and comes between tide pool and sea, breeds each myself in each tide pool.

2)自分という殻をつけた言葉の心は、体とともに生老病死の道を歩まねばならない。Mind of words, armed with  myself as shell, should walk on the path to death along with body.
発信され、自分を脱皮して、言葉のDNAになる。Words, dispatched and take yself off, become verbal DNA,
No born, aging, disease and death any more.
言葉の心の働きである自分は、自分を言葉に託すことで、自分という殻を脱ぎ、現在の現実、つまり渇きと癒しを繰り返すばかりの感覚や感情の心や、生老病死の宿命の代わりに、記憶の過去や願望の未来を得ることができる。Myself, workings of mind of words, to entrust itself to words, can take myself, as shell, off, and can gain past of memories and future of aspirations, instead of sensitive and emotional mind, just repeat thirsty and satisfaction, and fate to death.
記憶の過去や願望の未来の言葉は、自分に生きようとする意志をくれる。Words of past of memories and future of aspirations give myself an intention to live.

3)感覚や感情の心は体のDNAから生じ、言葉の心の働きである自分は言葉のDNAから生じている。Sensitive and emotional mind arises from bodily DNA, and myself, workings of mind of words, arises from verbal DNA.

4)音楽や絵画や景色や香りは、みなで無限に分かち合える。言葉のDNAと同じ在り方をしている。Music, picture, landscape, flagrance, they can be shared infinitely, as same as verbal DNA.

(2)世界や時間について。About world and time.

@    現在の現実について。About current reality.

A    自分は,自分が作った言葉の繭の中にいる。Myself is in a cocoon of words, made by itself.
言葉で自身を育て、言葉で外界の虚無を照らし、世界を作っている。Myself raises itself by words and illuminates nothingness of external world in words, and are making world.

1)世界は、自分が作り出している言葉の宇宙だ。World is verbal space made by myself.

2)ヘーゲルの弁証法によれば、大きな世界が一つだけ在って、宇宙も地球も生物も人類も社会もその一部だ。According to Hegelian dialectic, there is only one big world and universe, Earth, animals and plants, human beings and society also parts of it.
その世界は、一つの共通の原理で運動している。The world is moving at one common law.
As it may, Kou-Shin-Mon thinks everybody has every myself, and every myself makes every world, and many myself and worlds are scattered.
世界は一つの命に一つずつ在って、ただ一つの大きな共有の世界というのは幻想だと考える。Think each creature has each world and only
one big shared world is a fantasy.
mind of words is only in humans, the centre of it reflects myself as the information activities.
storage of words which are memorized by each myself, is each world.
sensitive and emotional mind reflects current reality, but mind of words makes time with words such as past of  memories and future of aspirations.
animals don’t have mind of words, so they have only current realities which is reflected by sensitive and emotional mind.
世界はヒトにしかなく、それも独自に成長する何かでなく、一人ひとりの自分とともに成熟し、一人ひとりの体と伴に生老病死を繰り返すものだと考える。Think world is only for human, in addition it is not something grows its own, but matures along with each one’s myself, and repeat from birth to death along with each one’s body.

B    自分は、記憶の過去や願望の未来に居る。Myself is in past memories and future of aspirations.

1)見えて、聞こえて、触っている現在の現実は、自分の世界ではない。Current reality can be seen, heard, touched, is not my own world.
感覚や感情の心が映し出している、偽の世界だ。It’s a fake world reflected by sensitive and emotional mind.
Myself is in past of memories and future of aspirations made with words.
First place, time and world are words, spawned by myself, workings of mind of words, myself and world and time are same words. We choose and use one of them suit to a scene.
感覚や感情の心で居る時は、言葉がないので、自分も世界も時間も存在しない。While being in sensitive and emotional mind, there is no word, so myself, world and time does not exist.
Such a state of mind is eternity.
永遠とは時間が限りなく続くという意味ではなく、感覚や感情の心ばかりで、言葉の心が無い、つまり現在の現実ばかりで、記憶の過去や願望の未来が無い、つまり時間が無い、動物としての心の状態のことなのだ。Eternity does not mean the time
continues without limit, but means state of mind that there is only sensitive and emotional mind without mind of words, that is only current realities without past of emotions and future of aspirations, that is no time, like animal’s mind.

C    記憶の過去について。About past of memories.

1)        記憶の過去とは。What is past of memories.

a.    今日、昔の写真や手紙の整理をした。Today I arranged old photographs and letters.
It's a reunion for the first time in 40 years.
茶色に変色している。Paper’s collar changed brown.
I thought postcard at that time was so small and thin.
級友や先生の顔が浮かぶ。Remember f
aces of teacher and classmates.
Feel like being together just before now.
end to visualize time as line like tracks of pointer of the clock or numbers matrix of calendar.
しかし、時間は言葉で、順不同で取り出せる、粒のようなものなのだ。But time is words that
can be retrieved in no particular order like a grain.

D    願望の未来について。About future of aspirations.

1)願望の未来つまり目的、目標、つまり生きようとする意志を得る。How to get future of aspirations, in other words purpose or goal that is intention to live.

(3)救いについて。About salvation.

@    感覚や感情の心の支配から言葉の心の働きである自分を救う。Save myself, workings of mind of words, from sensitive and emotional mind’s control.
Convert current realities which reflected by sensitive and emotional mind into words.
心の状態が言葉の心に切り替わる。State of
mind switches to mind of words.
Myself wakes.
Future is born.
Energy to live springs.
This is salvation.
Salvation is waking up myself, workings of mind of words, from dream of suffering and pain and excitement in current reality, reflected by sensitive and emotional mind.
Salvation means to save myself from competitive and discriminatory impulses from sensitive and emotional mind.

A    体の支配から自分を救う。To save myself from governing by body.自分の中に、言葉で、本当の世界や時間を育て、成熟させる。Grow and mature real world and time in myself, workings of mind of words.
Myself, workings of mind of words, is saved from fate of death with body.